I provide open-source Ceph consulting services to clients in various sectors. I am available for open ended consulting arrangements, individual projects, or can function as a supplemental resource / advisor to your full time staff. Unlike most firms my consultancy does not charge based on the size or capacity of your environment and I have no restrictions on operating system support or Ceph deployment strategy. I will help support or transition your bare metal, cephadm, rook, Kubernetes, or custom deployed Ceph cluster(s).

I have supported clients in a wide variety of industries including:

- Turn key ceph-based storage appliance design and support.
- Higher Education / Research / High Performance Computing
- Medical Imaging
- Infrastructure as a service / Public Cloud storage
- Content Delivery Networks
- Disaster recovery

Throughout my career I have stayed focused on implementing innovative, useful, and reliable, open-source computing and storage systems. By using open source tooling and distributed systems I enable organizations to achieve ultra-reliable and massively scalable architectures superior to proprietary technologies in performance, security, uptime, and cost. How can I help you?



Disaster Recovery

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